Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crowley Fellowship in International Human Rights

The Crowley Program in International Human Rights is dedicated to promoting human rights scholarship and advocacy at Fordham Law School and around the world. The Program’s core elements include an annual two-week fact-finding project in another country, a human rights lecture and brown bag series, a summer internship program, and student research projects involving various human rights issues. The students involved in the project participate in course work, independent research, planning and conducting the project, and related follow-up work. The Program has successfully conducted projects in Turkey (1998), Hong Kong (1999), Mexico (2000), Ghana (2001), Malaysia (2002), Bolivia (2003), Kenya (2004), Romania (2005), South Africa (2006), Malawi (2007), New Zealand (2008), Nepal (2009), Tanzania (2010), and Cambodia (2011).The Crowley Program is administered by a fellow who is a law school graduate. As a member of the adjunct faculty of Fordham Law School, the Fellow will teach a seminar in human rights in preparation for the annual fact-finding project during the spring semester. The additional responsibilities of the fellow are substantial: planning all substantive and logistical aspects of the fact-finding project, participating in the project, writing and publishing a post-project report, and day-to-day administration of the program, including running a year-round lecture series, advising students seeking international human rights internships and post-graduation employment, and coordination with the human rights community.

The fellowship is a 16-month position, totaling a commitment of three semesters. The fellowship begins in mid-August 2012. The Fellow’s annual salary is $55,000 for the first year and $60,000 for the final semester, and includes benefits.

Applicants should send a statement of interest (including detailed description of your international human rights experience, teaching/mentoring/advising experience, language skills, and how the fellowship will advance your professional goals), a résumé/CV, an official law school transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation by January 30, 2012 in one complete application package to:

“2012 Fellowship”
Crowley Program in International Human Rights
Leitner Center, Fordham University School of Law
33 West 60th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10023

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