Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Summer Associate Program at the Public International Law & Policy Group

The Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) has a Summer Associate program open to students who have completed one or two years of law school.  PILPG is a global pro bono law firm that provides legal assistance to states and governments with the negotiation and implementation of peace agreements, the drafting of post-conflict constitutions, and the creation and operation of war crimes tribunals.   
The Summer Associates will be required to spend 10 weeks working in PILPG’s Washington, D.C. office.  Summer Associates will be assigned to teams managed by PILPG Senior Counsel and Project Directors to work on PILPG projects such as constitutional reform in Egypt, on-going projects in the Middle-East and North Africa region, human rights projections in Tanzania, and political constitutional reform in Bosnia and judicial sector reform in Kosovo.  Summer Associates will work closely with PILPG’s Washington, D.C. staff and PILPG’s field office staff throughout the program.
PILPG currently has project offices in Bosnia, Egypt, Kosovo, South Sudan, and Tanzania.  The Summer Associate program is designed to expose law students to the field of peace negotiations and post-conflict constitutions, as well as to assist students in honing their legal research and writing and networking skills.  The Summer Associate program also has a strong emphasis on professional development and exposure to the field of public international law.
Application requirements and deadlines are posted at law schools and on PSLawNet beginning in January for the upcoming summer.  Questions about the program can be directed to PILPG’s Pro Bono Director, Ms. Brett Edwards, at  Visit the PSLawNet posting here for more information.

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