Friday, January 6, 2012

Internship at Sustainable Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia is a non-profit public benefit umbrella organization with over 27 partners. The following is an internship opportunity available through our partner organization: The Instituto de Estudios Internacionales de Bolivia (IDEI).
Background: IDEI was founded in the 1980s by a group of Law and Social Science professionals at San Simon University who were participating in various socio-political and legal research projects. Their research and passion for international relations, law, and political science led to the development of the organization, which focuses its efforts on institutional issues.
Objectives: IDEI works with issues relating to international relations, law, and political science aiming to not only teach and conduct research, but also to interact, analyze, and provide legal assistance.
Who does IDEI help? IDEI works together with students, researchers, academics and other members of civil society who may be interested in various institutional themes.
Working conditions: The main office of IDEI is centrally located in Cochabamba and has a permanent staff of fifteen, who work closely with the La Paz office.
IDEI Programs: IDEI currently runs five projects, two of which are based in Cochabamba.
The Commission for Political Rights: The Commission for Political Rights works with both private and public institutions investigating politico-legal themes. Various topics include autonomy, legal pluralism, political constitution as well as socio-economic and cultural rights.
Volunteer/ internship opportunities include:
  • Working with different municipalities around Cochabamba and assessing their legal positions
  • Working on any of the IDEI publications
  • Analyzing the new constitution
  • Volunteers may have their own project in mind, fitting with the themes of IDEI, for which they will be given institutional support
The Commission for Bolivian Maritime Rights: This project works with both the Bolivian government and non-governmental institutions to address issues related to Bolivian maritime rights. The Commission aims to include articles pertaining to maritime rights in the constitution and it oversees their implementation.
Projects supported by the Commission include a permanent forum on Bolivian maritime issues, constant assessment of the international relations between Bolivia, Chile and Peru, and various research projects.
Volunteer/ internship opportunities include:
  • Fundraise for various IDEI publications
  • Work with other institutions (currently IDEI work with over 300) to maintain a constant forum/ create a network/ inform on new research
  • Work together with CEE-Chile and IDL-Peru
  • Interact with members of the forum through workshops
  • Government Lobbying
  • Volunteers may also develop their own project, to fit within the IDEI guidelines, for which they will be given institutional support
Volunteer/ Internship requirements:
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Interest in the area of focus of IDEI
  • Motivated, keen to learn, good interpersonal skills
  • Two month minimum commitment period
If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill out an application on our website:

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